What Will A1 Adjustment, Inc. Do After Your Loss?

  • Address any concerns that you may have
  • Review your insurance policy to ensure that the correct coverages apply
  • Advise you as to your rights and responsibilities under your policy
  • Provide emergency services if needed, such as; emergency roof repair, water remediation, etc.
  • Notify your insurance carrier of the claim
  • Prepare a detailed scope of damages
  • Meet with your insurance adjuster and present the loss to him or her
  • Negotiate the highest settlement possible with your adjuster
  • Argue policy coverages and conditions if need be with your insurance provider
  • Bring in expert witnesses, such as an engineer, if need be
  • Review the estimate of damages with you so as you understand every detail
  • Obtain supplemental payments if it is warranted
  • Keep you updated as the claim process progresses
  • Give you the peace of mind that your claim is being handled properly and in your best interest
  • See the claim through until the end and strive to arrive at its completion in a timely manner

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